Find the meaning for each public notice from the list below:

  1. Flat to let
  2. No vacancies
  3. Pay and display
  4. Exact change only
  5. Coaches only
  6. Nothing to declare
  7. Cycles for hire or sale
  8. Check out time- 12 a.m.
  9. Check- in time- 10 a.m.
  10. Shoplifters will be prosecuted
  11. Clearance sale
  12. Lunches now being served
  13. Staff only
  14. No parking at any time
  15. Do not go beyond this point
  16. Private property


a.the owner gives his/her possession to somebody else for a period of time and receives a monthly payment

b. there’s a specific schedule for parking your car

c. you can have a meal in the middle of the day

d. from this point on trespassing is forbidden

e. there are no rooms available

f. if you steal from this shop you’re punishable by law

g. you need to leave the hotel at noon

h. if you’re a client you’re not allowed to enter

i. you have no contraband, no foods that may bring unwanted diseases into said country, no weaponry, and essentially nothing that could hurt that country/ surrounding areas in any way. That being said, some items are also taxed upon entry.

j. a sale in which prices are lowered in order to sell things quickly and make room for new items

k. the person owns the house and you’re allowed to enter only if he/she agrees to

l. a car-parking system in which a motorist buys a permit to park for a specified period from a coin-operated machine and displays the permit on or near the windscreen of his or her car so that it can be seen by a parking attendant

m. you have access to your room starting with 10 a.m.

n. the box will accept only coins and the driver will not change paper bills

o. a business which rents out or sales bikes to tourists, travellers, etc.

p. only the buses can park here