Finding the right music isn’t about us. It’s about the music itself. We don’t find the right music, we are found by the right music.

You know how priests, philosophers, psychologists, and so on, tell us to pray, to think positively, to gather strong, powerful, good energy directed towards a certain wish, desire, dream? You know how they tell us that the Universe works for us with what we give? It’s like that.

The right music hears you, hears the music of your thoughts, emotions, energies, and it comes apparently, in a natural fashion, no effort.

I have this feeling whenever the right music finds me.

I don’t know anything ‘’important’’ about BLUME. I don’t know his/her age, origins, favourite colour, or anything like that. I don’t want to know. I will not look for what is ‘’important’’, as what is important has already found me: the kind of music that ‘’speaks’’ without words, the kind of music that offers what the world needs most these days: peace.

It’s calm, strange, and addictive. It makes it all simple. It brings us back where it’s only us and what is important to us.

It’s not about the favourite colour, it’s about being, breathing and living.